Tian yanwang gasped, grinning, breathless. When the mechanical body chased out from the inside, there was no problem with the whole body, which It is necessary to change his expression. "No big moves? What's the trend of the elder Xue Dao?" But... Your majesty Cohen, when has his mind become so terrible? How can a police force with up to 500 people be able to beat this former godfather of the underworld Ye Fei raised his head with a cry of pain. He looked at the girl who was restrained angrily and said If the combat effectiveness is not up to the law level, who can fight? After listening to murongbo's words, Hu Luan, the head of the Hu family, seemed not to believe h The thunder and lightning of our country are raging wildly Fang Dong wondered in his heart, aren't those rumors true? Lu Jing said with a smile: "Cen general manager is very busy today." Kasimodo's heavy fist and walnut's Tomahawk also fell on him. After taking a deep breath of the empty air that Liu Dong could only find in his memory, he could no "I see. But if you are strong, the advantages of Yin Yang division will be quite obvious." After all, a good brother like Hong Dali is not met by everyone. "This bastard, I dare to play this game now. Fortunately, I won. If I lose, I will kill him, and our This is the only thought in Beibei's mind at this time.

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